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Gates Sentry™ Tag & Track Delivers Visibility, Traceability, and Compliance for the Oil & Gas Industry

Gates Hose Management System℠ is a comprehensive life cycle management system for the critical flexible hose assembly (FHA). This operational and capital efficiency system is the only solution of its kind that allows for visibility, traceability, and compliance, reducing downtime and incidents due to FHA failures.

Through a document control system, Sentry™ Tag & Track records the life cycle and performance history of a hose, documenting when it’s been registered, inspected, tested, recertified, and tracked through RFID technology.

What Makes the Gates Hose Management System℠ So Unique?

Sentry™ Tag & Track*: All Flexible Hose Assembly data collected from the Rig-Site Survey is downloaded, tracked, and documented in our industry-leading, web-based application. Customers scan and upload assets in real-time into a central database, allowing for life cycle hose management, preventive maintenance, and substantial cost savings. When it’s time to replace a hose, quickly reorder replacements directly through the system.

Sentry™ DAT*: This is the report engine of Sentry Services that allows users to see replacement cycles, activities, inspection, and performance data. Only Sentry DAT allows users to do a full data analysis on performance or costs within the application, run reports, and make smarter decisions.

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