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The Product Line: Better Design & Shorter Lead Time

Deeper wells, elevated temperatures, and directional drilling require systems that perform at higher levels than ever before. That’s why Gates offers a full line of products and services for critical Flexible Hose Assemblies (FHA) in the oil and gas industry, including:

Hydraulic, Industrial, and Rotary Hoses: Our hose assemblies are rated up to 15,000 psi working pressure, and designed to meet or exceed the stringent performance requirements of API 7K and API SPEC 16C. Made in the U.S.A., these hoses can be assembled and delivered within 4-8 weeks

Rig-Site Survey: A Gates hose specialist performs a full, onsite risk assessment of a customer’s FHA on the oil rig. This includes visible inspection of the critical hose assembly, full product inventory, and risk analysis, as well as product replacement recommendations, compliance review, and cost analysis.

Large Bore Cut & Couple: Our Large Bore cut and couple program allows us to deliver large, critical application hose assemblies to the end user with rapid turnaround times and consistent product quality. We have several Cut and Couple locations geographically positioned to support the Oil and Gas Industry.

MobileCrimp®: Gates offers lightweight, versatile crimpers powerful enough to crimp 4 spiral-wire hose on location, for easy maintenance and replacement. This saves time and improves efficiency in equipment maintenance, versus waiting weeks or months for offsite crimping.

Hydraulic Fluid Flushing: To ensure smooth, safe, and efficient operation of the hose lines, Gates offers onsite hydraulic fluid flushing. This descales sediment and removes contaminants from the fluid, then the filtered fluid is replaced, reducing wear on the line.

Breathing Air Manifolds. Gates offers Breathing Air Manifolds to be used in oil & gas environments where toxic gases (H2S) are present during sour crude drilling.

Hose Rental: We offer hose rental services for short term projects, as an onsite back up contingency during Frac jobs, while hoses are being Inspected, Maintained and Recertified, and when you need an immediate replacement while awaiting a replacement hose to be delivered.

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