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Hydraulic Couplings & Accessories

90-Degree Live Swivels


swivels 190x145

A New Twist on Hydraulic Connections

Equipment is working harder and faster than ever. Higher operating pressures and the extensive range of articulation in today’s equipment make Gates hydraulic live swivels the only effective coupling option. Made for hydraulic equipment with complex twisting and turning components to prevent torsional forces from being transmitted to the hose, these long-lasting, trouble-free couplings mean fewer hose failures and less equipment downtime.
  • No ball bearing design
  • Handles high operating pressure up to 6,000 psi
  • Free-floating, self-lubricating thrust washer
  • Incomparable sealing capacity and leak-free performance
  • Unequaled wear resistance and reliability
  • Will not pull apart during operation
  • Compact to fit where space is limited
  • No lock screw to break or become damaged
  • Double-O ring design protects against contamination
  • Engineered to show weeping when swivel needs service
  • Easier maintenance and lower maintenance cost
  • Easy and inexpensive to rebuild
  • No special tools required for service (torque wrench recommended)
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