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Stainless Steel Couplings


Stainless Steel Couplings

Stainless Steel Couplings for Wire Braid and Spiral Wire Hoses

Stainless steel couplings are ideal for use in corrosive conditions such as salt spray in marine operations, caustic chemicals in agricultural applications, frequent washdowns in food and beverage processing, and many other harsh environments. Because stainless steel couplings last longer compared to standard couplings, you avoid replacing an entire assembly before the hose itself needs replacement. That's what we call value.
Available terminations:
  • JIC straight
  • JIC bent tube
  • SAE straight
  • SAE bent tube
  • Code 61 flange
  • Code 62 flange
  • Male pipe
  • O-ring face seal
Corrosion causes downtime and shortens the life of hydraulic assemblies. Gates stainless steel couplings mitigate both problems and keep hydraulic applications up and running.


  • 316 stainless steel materia
  • Extended hose assembly life
  • Innovative, two-piece design
  • Bite-the-wire crimping
  • Exceeds SAE impulse cycle test by 4X


  • Maximum resistance to corrosion and pitting
  • Longer maintenance intervals, more value for your dollar
  • One stem, multiple ferrules for more hose coverage
  • Optimal coupling retention and reliability
  • Superior high-pressure, high-impulse performance
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