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Hydraulic Couplings & Accessories

TuffCoat Xtreme® Plating


TuffCoat Xtreme Plating

New, Improved, and Environmentally Friendly Coupling Plating

Beats the SAE standard for salt-spray corrosion resistace by more than 1,000%.

Hydraulic couplings need plating to prevent deterioration of the metal. Plating thickness is carefully controlled to prevent damage during crimping that could expose the base metal to corrosion. Uniform plating thickness also ensures a leak-free fit between coupling connections. When hydraulic fittings begin to rust, the base metal is being eaten away by oxidation. This form of corrosion is prevalent wherever humidity, salt and oxygen preside and can damage a hydraulic system
TuffCoat Xtreme (TCX) fittings are suited for agricultural sprayers; coastal areas where salt contributes to corrosion of metals; fleet equipment used to spread road salts; and carwashes that use aggressive cleaning chemicals. TCX offers 840 hours of red rust corrosion resistance based on ASTM B117 salt spray testing – 1066% greater than the 72-hour SAE standard and 1033% greater than the 96-hour industry standard!
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